State Photo – Missouri

st_louis_058.jpgSo many places to visit and so many that I would like to visit again.

The arch is not one of them.

I am not particularly claustrophobic – though I don’t go out of my way to be in crowded spaces, but standing in line to go up the arch to the top … and then once there … standing in line to go down was not particularly fun for me. I just didn’t like it and I can’t even tell you why.

I’m not afraid of heights and I could even see the Cubs playing the Cardinals just a few blocks away while we were at the top, but still was glad to once again get out in the fresh air.

But it is a cool site as you go down the highway through St. Louis.

And I know Mi comes before Mo.


State Photo – Massachusetts

This picture was taken at Old Sturbridge Village. We’ve been to lots of “old villages,” but so enjoyed Old Sturbridge. I don’t know if they do this every night or if we happened on a “special event” evening, but one thing we did was go to a dinner that was prepared solely over the hearth. You had to sign up for it and it took a lot longer than a regular meal, but was a lot of fun.Scan 71.jpg

State Photo #15 – Maryland

Yep! Been to Louisiana. Actually have a picture of Louisiana – however, our kids were in middle school and I don’t think they’d like that picture anywhere near social media. But we WERE there.

So moving on to Maine.

We were at the Portland Light on a cloudy day, the kind of days for which lighthouses were made in the first place.

Scan 70