A Town That’s Very Much NOT Like Bell Buckle

Bell Buckle is quaint and “quilty.”

Scottsburg is flat, dusty and dotted with empty store fronts.

But the downtown restaurant we ate in was indigenous.

When Deb asked for a gluten free menu, the server looked rather puzzled. Because Deb has to have gluten free, she explained further. The server disappeared and about 10 minutes later came back with the happy news that the judge from the courthouse is gluten free and “This is what he orders …”

After we ate, we walked around the square and let’s say, covered the town of Scottsburg to the extent that I don’t think any of us feel like we’ll need to revisit in the near future … a town clothed in “midwesterness.”

But quirky fun in it’s own way.

A Town Called Bell Buckle …

The Cafe

The Cafe

A town called Bell Buckle … people don’t know why – was it a cowbell and a buckle carved on a centuries-old tree as a warning to keep people out? Was it simply named after nearby Bell Buckle Creek? No one knows. But this little town (somewhere around 400 people) nestled in the rolling Tennessee hills … south of Nashville has quilts and quaintness in charming abundance.

And while there – don’t forget to eat at the Bell Buckle Cafe located on Railroad Square. There at the cafe, you’ll get some tasty down-home cookin’.

Interestingly, besides the antiques and knick-knacks and ice cream shops … Bell Buckle is also the home of a rather expensive boarding school of formidable brick buildings surrounded by manicured lawns and century-old trees – a school that’s been there since the late 1800s.

I’ve been to Bell Buckle a few times because “I know people.” ┬áSo, if you’re down that way … take a few minutes to go off the highway and relax in the tranquility of Bell Buckle, Tennessee.

Or like me – you might just be lucky enough to know some people who live there …


Backing up a month or so – the last night I was “up north,” Jeff and I took a canoe ride. We went about five miles – beautiful evening … beautiful scenery …

Although I could not focus my camera quickly enough to get a picture – I saw a fox jump through some bushes.

As kids have already or are about to head back to school – summer adventures fade into memories. Don’t you wish you could bottle some of the peaceful moments of life?

Out with the Kid

So one night Belinda and I went out in search of pictures and this is what we got.

Another Cool Place …

Jeff said, “I know a place where people like to take pictures,” and this is where he took us.

Walk Along the Lake …

My routine was to get up early and take B. into the high school for tennis practice, then go to McDonalds for an iced tea and head to the downtown lake for a morning walk … Peaceful way to start the day and so much more fun than suburbia …