In the midst of everything that was going on this week – I actually do have a Fun Friday!  (Even though today wasn’t all that much fun. I took my mom to the hospital for a test – thankfully everything came out ok, but she will need some additional tests – so sitting in a waiting room, worrying about your mom isn’t really conducive to a fun day.)

Anyhow, a church in Utah has an occasional  Young Couples Night Out.

Young couples have the entire evening to go out for a romantic dinner or to a ball game or whatever.

Meanwhile, the empty nesters also sign up. What do they do? Watch the kids of the younger couples!

What a great idea!


  1. I like this idea! Young moms and dads need a break and an opportunity to reconnect sometimes. Why not help make that happen in our church family?

  2. I think these evenings have been successful because as soon as I mentioned Fun Fridays to this wife, she told me about these special nights.

  3. Our church has done this around Valentine’s Day — so the couples can spend time together; And also around Christmas — so they can go Christmas shopping without the kids, spend time together, sleep, etc. 🙂

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