State Photo – Massachusetts

This picture was taken at Old Sturbridge Village. We’ve been to lots of “old villages,” but so enjoyed Old Sturbridge. I don’t know if they do this every night or if we happened on a “special event” evening, but one thing we did was go to a dinner that was prepared solely over the hearth. You had to sign up for it and it took a lot longer than a regular meal, but was a lot of fun.Scan 71.jpg

State Photo #15 – Maryland

Yep! Been to Louisiana. Actually have a picture of Louisiana – however, our kids were in middle school and I don’t think they’d like that picture anywhere near social media. But we WERE there.

So moving on to Maine.

We were at the Portland Light on a cloudy day, the kind of days for which lighthouses were made in the first place.

Scan 70

State Photo #14 – Kentucky

Road trips take you to a destination, state by state, giving you the opportunity to discover new sites – unlike flights with shades closed on the plane window and a whole world hidden below the clouds.

Here the colorful bridge that took us from Kentucky to Ohio or maybe it was Ohio to Kentucky.

Not sure, but the ride was colorful.dsc01805.jpg